About Company

The sun provides the earth with enough energy in one hour to satisfy a years' worth of the world's needs. This readily available energy gives us a way to create electricity and heat without emitting carbon dioxide, one of the main causes of global warming thus minimizing the carbon footprint.

At KOSOL, it is our constant endeavour to keep tapping the undiscovered potential of solar energy. And as we proceed with our innovative ways, we've empowered possibilities significant to the propagation of solar energy movement.

The development of solar power technology has taken off in recent years around the world. We, at KOSOL, India's foremost brand in solar industry shall lead the way with path-breaking solar solutions for an awe-inspiring future. A clean, green and promising one.

Past Decades

KEPL started its journey in Gondal a historic town located in Saurashtra region at a distance of 240 kms from Ahmedabad. Solar Water Heater (SWH) under the brand name SunRay, our first product, hit the market with support of CREDA and later with MNRE in 80's and 90's. Over the period our Gondal manufacturing unit reached a capacity of around 70 units per day of SWH and also developed other solar product such as Photovoltaic Module, Solar Pump, Solar Power Pack, Solar Street Light, Solar Cooker, etc. Major expansion and diversification came in 2012 with establishment of modern SWH facilities near Ahmaedabad with a capacity of 100 SWH units a day. We also established a PV Module manufacturing plant in the same year.


The future vision is to continue doing what we do best which is innovating possibilities, and to work closely with our employees, customers and stakeholders to add value to the quality of life.


Our goal is customer satisfaction..... And our mission is to provide reliable, long lasting power systems using proven products.

Shaping Future Technologies
Ours is an ISO 9001:2015,14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certified organization where we innovate to create and empower the world with functional products to harness and employ clean and green solar energy.

At SunRay, a team of experienced engineers and trained professionals work in synergy to generate ideas to substitute fossil fuel with renewable solar energy through design, drawings, development and implementation of solar projects. Our production facilities use its own self-generated power supply to run the entire manufacturing plant based at Gondal.

With a clear focus on solar energy we are upgrading ourselves. Riding on advanced technologies, we are working to realize our goals. With new products and solutions, we aspire to cater to meet the growing energy demands without compromising on the sensitive environmental fabric.

Endorsing Infrastructure Functionality

Manufacturing excellence
We don't trust any part of the solar manufacturing process to anyone else. We strictly control the creation of every SunRay product from beginning to end. We manufacture and produce every cell and assemble every panel in our state-of-the-art facility.

Exceeding the highest standards Because of this commitment to excellence, our solar panels-and our operations--consistently meet or exceed the most stringent performance, environmental and employment standards.

Our Products

SunRay Solar Water Heaters
For a decade now, SunRay Solar Water Heaters have been giving customers the convenience of hot water for 24 hours, 365 days straight at zero cost. This has been one of the many factors responsible for making us the first choice of millions of Indians across the country. Not one to be limited to domestic use, SunRay heaters have served immense commercial demands as well. SunRay water heaters turn out to be the most effective and cost saving option at places where hot water requirement is high per litre such as hotels, hospitals, ashrams and hostels. SunRay also offers viable industrial solutions for industry heating processes such as drying, washing, pasteurizing, boiling, sterilizing, bleaching, distilling and pre heating of boiler feed water(up to 85 degree) for Food & Beverages, Textile, Chemical and many other industries.

Solar Water Pump
Kosol Energie Solar Water Pumping System is a high quality stand-along system operating directly on the perennial solar energy. The advanced VFD based inverter not only converts the DC produced by solar array into AC to drive the pump, but also adjusts the output frequency in real-time according to the variation of sunlight intensity, thus achieving performance even during early morning and evening hours. The pump driven by the 3-phase AC motor can draw water from the deep wells or rivers and lakes.

Solar Farms
Solar farms are simple as well as a brilliant source of safe and locally produced renewable energy. Kosol Energie's mono & poly crystalline silicon modules and thin film (rigid and flexible) photovoltaic modules are both used for creation of solar farms which convert solar energy into electricity and are then transferred to electricity grid.

Solar Rooftops
Solar rooftops enable consumers to use cleaner and greener energy with better efficiency. These visually unobtrusive solar panels are far more affordable and provide great value to institutions, industries, hotels or any other commercial institutions. They also help in crediting the distributed generation to owners for the excess energy they produce.

Solar Power Packs
Solar Power packs customers an amazing opportunity to capitalize on the rapidly changing trends of producing electricity for their own home and office usage. In agriculture sector, pumping water to surface with Solar Power Packs results in great saving and better reliability. It is also the best source of power in regions where there is no grid connection and sunlight is available in abundance.

Solar EPC Services
Solar EPC is here to empower entrepreneurs through engineering, procurement and construction services for their various On-Grid and Off-Grid solar energy project needs. Due to their direct access to global EPC resources, Kosol Energies are more than capable to provide a complete spectrum of services starting from preparing feasibility reports, land acquisitions, plant engineering and system integration to commissions on turnkey basis.

Solar Cooker
Spherical parabolic cookers are direct concentrating cookers with a dish-type reflector directing most of the intercepted solar radiation to a point of focus so the user can enjoy quicker cooking and better taste.The cooking vessel is supported at this focus point, thus creating a heating situation very similar to traditional open fire cooking.

Solar Street Lights
Across the world, Solar powered lights are gaining fast momentum into the environment conscious era of today. With the latest technological advancements, Solar street lighting system is being widely preferred as the best alternative for illumination of streets, cross roads, forest areas and buildings which are located in far away areas where electricity is not available.

Solar Lanterns
SunRay Solar lanterns are portable sources of light that can be easily carried around like a battery powered torch from one place to other. They can also be kept anywhere in rooms as they hardly occupy any space. SunRay Solar Lanterns are an excellent source of light for both indoor and outdoor lighting, covering a full spectrum of 360 degrees.

Creating Winning Options
Solar is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and the KOSOL team of global solar energy experts are some of the best. Our success derives directly from the dedication, enthusiasm and confidence of those who work for us. Together, we are able to achieve the ambitious goals we set for ourselves.

Meeting the needs of our customers continues to be our top priority in all aspects of our business. We are fully aware that our distribution partners, installers and final customers have different priorities and needs. These priorities are why a personal approach is at the heart of our business.

We are continually looking for qualified people with innovative, entrepreneurial minds and passion for solar energy to join our team and make a greener future.